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All CDs are in Telugu

Dhivanni namithe challadha ? Guruvu Kavalla ?

84We say we believe in God, what do we mean by belief? Who is God? Which God should we believe? Who do we think is God? Not only to these questions, Sri Bhavaghni Guruji answers to the most intriguing questions of mankind, the knowledge is not enough and we do need a Guru in our life is the take away from the discourse in this section of teachings

Sashtanga Namaskaram

68When we meet our Guru we perform Sashtanga Namaskaram (bow down fully to touch the Guru’s feet in total surrender) is a practice of our culture. How to perform the Sashtanga Namaskaram? What are the 8 body parts involved in performing Sashtanga Namaskaram? Before reaching the feets of the Guruji how one should think and act with dedication and devotion and complete surrender? And how to present oneself to complete surrender? The only thing that makes the Guru happy is our complete surrender of ego in the form of Sashtanga Namaskaram. This CD provides us the answers to all the above questions.

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