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All CDs are in Telugu

Marmika Geetha 18 Chapters

01To forgo our sadness and pain that we suffer through our mind body complex and to attain the ultimate knowledge that one should know and possess, Vyasa maharshi gifted mankind with Bhagavad Gita. In this set of three CDs, Reverend Bhavaghni Guruji puts before us the heart and soul of the inner meaning of the sayings of Vyasa Maharshi.

The CDs are compilation of the discourses of Bhavaghni Guruji over the period of 3 years. The language of Bhavaghni Guruji is easy to understand by anyone, one experiences true knowledge in the form of these CDs. There are 3 parts in Bhagavadh Gita, each containing 6 chapters. The first part talks about who we are, the second part teaches us who is Paramatma and in the third part it teaches us we are one and the same as that of Paramatma and leads us to the path of Moksha

Guru Mahima

09In the banks of Sagar Sangamam Sri Bhavaghni Guruji talks to his followers (sishyan) and describes the plentitude of the relationship between the Guru and the follower (Sishyan) and how precious and auspious the relationship is. GuruJi describes the selfless attitude of Guru towards his followers. When listening to this discourse of Sri Bhavaghni Guruji the follower (Sishyan) will yield manifold devotion, respect and love for his GuruJi , only when one develops his/her devotion, respect and love of his/her Guruji one can attain a happy and peaceful life by earning the utmost knowledge.

Guru Sishya Sambandam

52The relationship between the Guru and the follower (Shisyan) is just in the best interest of attaining Moksham, it’s just the relation of the atmas, Sri Bhavaghni Guruji in this CD teaches us how the follower until his/her life’s last moments shall hold this relationship, How, when and where to worship the Guru and clarifies us on how and what kind of blessing we should earn from the Guru

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