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The views expressed by the members  are their personal interpretation and perception inspired by Sri bhavaghni guruji's wisdom talks 


OmtatsatThe almighty who is nameless and formless is defined as “OM TAT SAT” by Mahatmas and Maharishi. All Vedas have named the Paramatma as “OM TAT SAT” . Following the three principles: yajna, dhana and tapas - sacrifice, giving and penance one has to perform his duties in the thought and feel that everything is paramatma and paramatma is everything and also chanting “OM TAT SAT”. The sound “OM TAT SAT” evokes and reminds the paramatma, like all rivers merges into the oceans, all the Vedas and Upanishad Mantras merges into the sounds of “OM TAT SAT” it’s the essence of all mantras, it’s the form of all devatas.

The Mantra “OM TAT SAT"

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Voice of Members - Sushma


I am a member of Bhavaghni since 2010, before joining I was very afraid to travel anywhere; I was never comfortable to handle dire situations that come to me sometimes I think of extreme decisions. Every moment my mind was filled with disturbing thoughts; I used to think bad about others, I used to be very stubborn. I always wanted things to happen as the way I wished and wanted everyone to follow only what I say and never listen to them. I used to think that god loves me so much because I pray every day, for me the idol in the temples are the gods, I used to think that god too has  likes and dislikes, they too will get angry, feel happy occasionally  like me and there are several of them. These are a few things that I could say who I am before listening to Guruji’s Wisdom talks. I was a person without knowledge even though I bear a B.tech behind my name.

Earlier I used to think that Bhagavad Gita is a book for old people, but after listening to Guruji’s satsang I came to know that Bhagavad Gita is not a book for the old, it’s for every human being and I now understand how important the principles of Bhagavad Gita is for leading one’s life with true happiness. I slowly started following the principles of Bhagavad Gita and transforming my life to evolve as a completely new person. I can now understand my true self, what is the purpose of my life here on earth. I can now face any dire situations with the knowledge and wisdom impaired on me by Shri Bhavaghni Guruji.

I am now leading my life with real happiness which is constant. Now I fear nothing and I travel where ever I want, In fact currently I have taken up a job where I am several miles far from my home. I travel to my home town and back to my work place without any fear. I now understand and experience the ultimate truth and understand that god is not many and only who is embodiment of everything.  I now lead my everyday duties without tensions, fear etc. I now started liking everyone, started looking at the positives on the individual ignoring the negatives in them that including my enemies who now I have none. I am not able to control my anger and I am not stubborn anymore. I fell blessed to be part of Bhavaghni.


“Let the whole world be happy and peaceful”


Wishing Heart fully


Voice of Members - Pavani G


Voice of Members - SaiRam

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