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The views expressed by the members  are their personal interpretation and perception inspired by Sri bhavaghni guruji's wisdom talks 

Mental Exertion ( Manasika thapasu )

Salutations to Sadguru, my Master

101All of us know that our ultimate endeavor is peace and happiness. Though these two words peace and happiness appear differently, they are indeed synonymous and each can not mean independently anything without the other. Whatever we do or strive to do is only to realize this peace and happiness. But our experience proves that whatever we are doing is inadequate to retain whatever little that we achieve of it. We only have three primary tools to make any effort to achieve whatsoever we want. These are body, speech and mind. Of these three the body and speech can achieve certain limited results and that too never without active help of mind. Therefore mind is the singular and most important tool to do anything and to achieve anything. 

While our ultimate aim is to realize the eternal, stable and unlimited peace and happiness, we must strive to refine the mind to make it a potent tool to achieve our goal. The great ancient Seers of India having put in enormous and untiring efforts, finally achieved mankind’s ultimate goal. And those greatest among men being compassionate for all the future generations, have kindly passed on down the ages their hard earned most prized secret knowledge along with means and methodology for attaining the goal. While only a certain part of the secret knowledge can be passed on to others by scriptural texts, that they have passed on and which are called Vedanta texts known as Upanishads and of their essence being condensed in Srimad Bhagavad Gita, certain essential techniques must be passed on mystical means through lineage of realized Masters, who convey that important part of the secret knowledge to the qualified aspirants by physical touch, verbal discourse, visible behavior and invisible thought convection. All those aspirants to such a state of eternal bliss must essentially understand this secret knowledge by all these means. Firstly the Vedanta texts must be rightly interpreted which can be done only by the realized masters. Then the aspirant must be determined to qualify himself/herself and wholeheartedly put in devoted efforts to pass the tests to please the Master. Then the Master may initiate the aspirant with secret instruction of certain mystical techniques for vigorous practice. Thereafter the Master monitors the progress of the aspirant in his/her practice to transform his personality and closely guide him/her until he/she attains the goal.

Certain excerpts from Srimad Bhagavad Gita, which are of great help to the interested people as well as to all in preparation and empowerment of mind are given below. 

ihaiva tair jitah sargo yesam samye sthitam manah !
nirdosam hi samam brahma tasmad brahmani te sthitah !       ch5/19

One, whose mind is in constant equanimity without fluctuations while experiencing dualities such as heat/cold, happiness/grief, praise/insult, gain/loss, victory/defeat etc and remains pure, free from pollutions such as desire, hatred, anger, jealousy, greed, ego, etc instantly attains the state of eternal bliss.

Therefore one must strive to exercise total control on one’s mind, its attitude and save its purity thus:

manah-prasadah saumyatvam maunam atma-vinigrahah !
bhava-samsuddhir ity etat tapo manasam ucyate !               ch17/16

 A self controlled mind must remain in equanimity without excitement, under all circumstances, either emanating pure and positive thoughts or attaining and staying in thoughtless state. These are the manifestations of mental exertion.

One must strive to attain and practice an attitude never to be critical of anyone in the world, never to entertain bad and negative thoughts, always permit only good and positive thoughts. When you think about a person or situation, allow yourself to think only on good and positive aspects and never allow yourself to notice any negative aspects, however bad the person/situation may be, for the negative thoughts would inhibit the progress of your mind’s ascent to higher potency.

In order to regulate the activities of mind as desired, one must keep a watch on one’s own mind, never leaving it alone for wandering as it likes. Mind is like a mischievous dog lingering at the door to enter a house for stealing. When you are vigilantly watching, the dog would never venture to enter the house. It is always cautious never to be caught stealing and goes away only to return after a while. As long as you keep vigil at the entrance, the dog never enters. Just in the same manner, your mind never entertains wistful thoughts as long as you remain active witness. Mind must always be prompted to anchor on unchanging, unlimited (like space) , eternal Truth that is not perceivable by senses.

This practice shall lead to empowerment of mind thus making it invincible to all other forces of temptations, yet remaining a faithful slave of its master, the self, indeed the eternal Self. Mind is likened to a powerful horse, which will take you wherever you want to go only when you ride on it reins in hand with total control. On the other hand if you do not have control of its movements and go behind it holding its tail, it will never take you where you want to go but may lead you to places you might later repent for having gone.

 May all be comfortable !
May all be happy and peaceful !
May all be bountiful !
May all be propitious !

Sparkling bits and pieces spilled out from immortal streams of enlightening discourses by the boundlessly compassionate, the divinely equipped, the personification of knowledge, the mystical Master, the authoritative Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, the most capable Sadguru, Sri Sri Sri Bhavaghni Guruji are assimilated here by one among the lowest order of his disciples, for his own comprehension. Others, who by chance examine this article are expected to note that while the truthful revelations found in this are from divine Guruji's immortal talks, the rest are concocted for harmony with the writer's level of understanding.