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The views expressed by the members  are their personal interpretation and perception inspired by Sri bhavaghni guruji's wisdom talks 

Bhavaghni Shanthi Yagnam

DSC 0985SANTHOYAM ATHMA, God is the embodiment of peace. The Yagna is performed to invoke the blessings of the Gods and devas, for all living beings to be peaceful. The Yagna is performed by chanting verses from the Bhagavad gita which is often revered to as the Veda for Vedas and the Upanishad of the Upanishads. “Om Tat Sat” Mantra is considered superior and powerful above all other Mantras, generally know as “Maha Mantra of all Mantras” like all rivers merge into the ocean, all Mantras are merged into this one mantra. “Om Tat Sat Hari Om Tat Sat” translated to mean the ‘Supreme Absolute Truth’. The yagna is performed by hearty feeling that everything is paramatma and paramatma is everything.

The smoke emanating from the Yagna together with the Ghee sámagri and other offerings made in the Yagna gundam will make us forget our ego and reminds us of our true self.

"advesta sarva-bhutanam maitrah karuna eva cha"

“One who is not envious is a kind friend to all living entities”

 As said in the sloka we need to love all living entities, we need to forget our ego, get rid of our envy and get rid of our bad habits.

Maharishi’s have gifted us with us a great shanthi mantra, which needs to be heartily recited at the end of each chapter

Om Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu

Sarvesham Shantir bhavatu

Sarvesham Purnam Bhavatu

Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavatu.

Loka Samasta Sukino Bhavantu

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti


Om - May auspiciousness be unto all.

May peace be unto all.

May fullness be unto all.

May prosperity be unto all.

May the Lord bless the whole world with eternal peace and goodwill.

Peace peace peace

When every individual recites the sloka heart fully feeling and wishing that all living beings should have a happy, healthy, prosper and peaceful life, there are no way one can measure the advantages of it.

By performing this Yagna everyone will be able to lead their life in peace and prosperity; however when one recites and follows the Gita slokas together with the “Om tat sat” maha mantra everyday will forgo his ego and will discover his true nature and will attain Moksha

Shubham Bhuyat