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The views expressed by the members  are their personal interpretation and perception inspired by Sri bhavaghni guruji's wisdom talks 

Discarding Attachment (Sangam tyaktva)

Salutations to Sadguru, my Master

86Attachment to the work and its fruit causes samsaara, a virulent cyclic flow of birth and death according to Vedic texts, and the essence of this extensive knowledge is found in Srimad Bhagavad Gita. All the great self realized Masters have echoed the same. Accordingly, we understand that all of us have passed through innumerable lives in the past. And countless such lives await us in future. Of all the lives among 8.4 million species on earth, human life is stated to be rare and distinct, because human life is an opportunity to escape from samsaara, a seemingly endless pain and suffering. Humans are prized with intellectual power such as no other species possess to understand the reality by inference.

The basic cause of creation and its sustenance is well explained in ancient Hindu texts leaving no trace of doubt in the minds of serious students of Truth. It is comprehensive and logical revelation and totally different from popular ways of conditioning of mind with assertion of non provable religious beliefs.

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 Remedy for becoming (Bhava Roganiki Mandhu)

Salutations to Sadguru my Master

There is an ailment, and there is a medicine for that ailment and many people are talking about it. But it is intriguing to see that most of those who are talking about this ailment and its medicine are themselves suffering from the same ailment but not swallowing the medicine. Generally when we know that we have a disease, we go to the doctor and take the prescribed medicine and follow his instructions strictly regarding diet and other conditions. Then without any doubt, the disease shall be cured.

Becoming is an ailment, that many are talking about. They are talking of a sure medicine and how it should be administered. But unfortunately almost all of those who are propagating the remedy are themselves suffering from the same infliction but reluctant to use their own prescription. Merely talking about the medicine or having the medicine in hand and knowing how to administer it does not cure a disease. Many people today are exhibiting extraordinary zeal in propagating the remedy without curing themselves of the same ailment. Others are utterly confused on seeing this. However If only we follow the prescriptions of those who have cured themselves of this grave disease, it certainly works for us.

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Endeavor Of Speech ( Vangmaya Thapasu )

Salutations to Sadguru, my Master

31God has given us three gifts, viz.; body, speech and mind. Whatsoever we do in this world, we must use at least one of these three. We must regulate use of these three in order to live in peace and to let others live in peace. Restricting the use of these three exclusively for peace is called endeavor.  We must strive to use these positively for peace and for no other purpose. Our endeavor is never for others' sake but entirely meant for our own sake. However when we do any virtuous and positive deed to retain our peace, it may most often benefit others too. Therefore others are also pleased. But our endeavor is not for pleasing others but to purify ourselves so that we get closer to reality. The ultimate benefit expected of all our endeavors is to get released from shackles (liabilities) created by our own past misdeeds. Out of these three gifts of God, speech is the most valuable and powerful and hence most important one. Therefore we must always be cautious never to misuse speech. We must endeavor to use it for utmost self benefit. While we are in that process, it may also benefit others a great deal. That is good for us. But we should never stoop to allow others' feelings to drive us. We must always review how we are using this valuable resource, speech. Srimad Bhagavad Gita prescribes how to endeavor speech.

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Discarding Misery ( Dukhaniki parishkaram )

Salutations to Sadguru, my Master

118Why has spirituality come into existence? It is because man always wants to live in peace and happiness. He always strives for peace and happiness for himself and his people. All his perpetual efforts are meant for amassing wealth and comforts entirely for this purpose. Whatever he thinks and whatever he does, there is practically no other purpose. He makes lot of provisions to his utmost extent possible for happiness and peace. He works hard and takes a lot of pains for continuously amassing wealth, often much beyond his wildest imaginary needs. Yet many times in his life, he experiences anguish, pain, disturbance, fear, dejection, frustration etc.  If you look at the reasons for his miseries despite his best efforts to avert them, the following four reasons would strike the mind.

  1. Change/transformation
  2.  Death
  3.  Adversity
  4.  Imaginations

One or more of these four circumstances would often throw man into distressing situations of agony, pain, impatience, disturbance, frustration, strife and death. All the ordinary people generally find themselves trapped into these quicksands.

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